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Bay Windows

Sophisticated and distinct in design, bay windows are a popular choice amongst homeowners in the UK. Bay windows from Double Glazing Prices are made up of three or four panes of glass fitted together at an angle protruding from the outer wall, allowing light to pour in to create a bright and welcoming atmosphere. Find bay windows prices with our innovative system and save up to 75% off.

Save up to 75% off Bay Windows…

Sash Windows

Sash windows are unique in design. A popular choice amongst homeowners looking to inject style and personality into the home, sash windows are perfect for homes new and old. Be the envy of friends and neighbours with windows that add instant character to your home. Get three free quotes from Double Glazing Prices today.

Save up to 75% off Sash Windows…

French Windows

French windows create a link between home and garden and make a room appear larger thanks to their style. Renowned for their large glass windows, the home is fully ventilated and light pours in from outside to create a welcoming atmosphere. Find French windows prices with Double Glazing Prices and our innovative quote system.

Save up to 75% off French Windows…

Casement Windows

Replacing outdated windows can be extremely beneficial to homeowners. Offering attractive features, casement windows will transform the look of your home and provide excellent ventilation all year round. Available in an eclectic range of designs and styles, casement windows from Double Glazing Prices are proving popular amongst homeowners looking for practical and stylish windows.

Save up to 75% off Casement Windows…

uPVC Windows

As well as choosing the right style, homeowners must also pay attention to the material in which their windows are made. UPVC Windows are renowned for their insulating properties and are a popular choice for those looking to reduce energy bills at a time when energy costs continue to rise. Find the best UPVC windows prices with Double Glazing Prices and save up to 75% off.

Save up to 75% off uPVC Windows…

PVC Windows

PVC windows are known in the industry for their insulating properties. Making for an energy efficient home, PVC windows help reduce energy bills and save homeowners money. Contrary to public opinion, PVC windows are available in a diverse range of designs and colours to offer you plenty of choice when it comes to picking windows for your home.

Save up to 75% off PVC Windows…

Timber Windows

Homeowners in older and period properties favour timber windows due to their character and style. Wood is a naturally insulated material which helps retain heat in the home all year round. Fitted with double glazing, our timber windows will help you reduce your household carbon emissions to reduce energy bills and save you money.

Save up to 75% off Timber Windows…

Aluminium Windows

In the past, images of thick, ugly metal windows have been conjured up but as technologies advance, aluminium window designs are taken to the next level to offer style, durability and versatility. Resistant to the elements, aluminium windows will not warp or rot like many other windows designs. Get three free, no obligation aluminium windows prices from us today and save up to 75% off.

Save up to 75% off Aluminium Windows…

Windows Information

The aesthetic value of a home is extremely important to homeowners. Replacing outdated windows will not only update and transform the look of your home but also make the home safer and more energy efficient all year round. Here at Double Glazing Prices, we supply an eclectic range of new windows in a variety of styles, colours and designs to suit all manner of personalities and styles.

Why choose new windows for your home?
Double glazing windows are renowned for their insulating properties. Air becomes trapped between the two layers of glass. It is for this reason that warm air takes twice as long to escape from a room and as a result, the home becomes more energy efficient. Energy efficient homes are known for being far more comfortable and relaxing for homeowners, thus making them more welcoming for guests.

What are the benefits of new windows?
New windows from Double Glazing come complete with double glazing, reinforced frames, toughened glass and a six point high security lock as standard. These features can be found on all our windows and offer you complete protection, security and energy efficiency in your home.

Double Glazing Prices customers are guaranteed to find new windows to suit their home in the eclectic range available onsite. Browse our selection of UPVC windows, bay windows, sash windows and much more for more information.

Save money with Double Glazing Prices…
In the current economic climate, homeowners across the country are looking for ways to save money. Installing double glazing in the home can be highly lucrative for any homeowner who wishes to reduce energy bills.

In an attempt to save homeowners even more money, here at Double Glazing Prices we have put an innovative quote system in place which looks to find the best windows cost in your local area. Fill in the quote form and we will find you the most competitive new windows prices from trusted suppliers.